Location Water Systems, LLC provides high quality reverse osmosis (RO) filtered potable water from on-site water sources for domestic use in living quarters and location personnel.
LWS water units are self-contained, transportable and can be rigged in several hours. Units incorporate a 2,500 gallon potable water holding tank combined with a mobile 5,500 gallon holding tank to increase pre-filter reservoir capacity and reducing refilling frequency. Units are reliable, professionally installed, and maintained. 
RO filtered water provides significant safety and health benefits.  Our water purification systems treat water through pre-filtering, carbon filtering, and reverse osmosis.  RO filtered water quality is superior to stored stagnant water from unknown sources. RO filtered water provides excellent personal hygienic qualities and eliminates common hot water heater odors associated with water contaminates.
On-site water filtration reduces vehicle traffic and accident or injury risk.
Unit costs are based on a daily rate charge.